Borak with Soya Mince

£15 /12pcs

Baklava Cake  Small

​9 Pieces; square, appr. 25x25cm (9.9"x9.9")

Baklava Cake Medium

​15 Pieces; rectangular, appr. 22x29cm (8.7"x11.4")

Baklava Cake Large


appr. 24 to 28 Pieces;

rectangular, appr. 24x34cm (9.5"x13.5")

Photographs are representative and decoration may vary.


£10 /500g

Cucumber - Labneh

with Walnut or Lettuce

£18 /28pcs

Baklava Mixed Tray

£15 /500g

Baklava with Walnut

£12 /500g

Vegan Filled Peppers/ Aubergines or Marrows

£15 /500g


£12 /500g

Apple Dome


Maamoul with Pistachio     £15/500g

Borak with Feta Cheese          £15 /12pcs

Dalo's Menu

Muhammara Snack

£20 /24pcs


Walnut Shells

£23 /30pcs

Baklava with Pistachio

£15 /500g


£28 /24pcs

(Square or Round Pieces)

Kaak with Mahlab


Borak with Olives

£15 /12pcs

Vegan Kibbeh

£18 /18pcs

Mutabal Snack

£20 /24pcs

Vegan Vine Leaves

£15 /500g

Maamoul with Walnut     £12/500g

Borak with Spinach & Tahina

£15 /12pcs

Maamoul with Date & Walnut  £12/500g

Lokum Dome

Date Klicha                       £12/500g

Aubergine Salad

£18 /Platter

Mamonia-Ishta Dessert

£36 /15pcs

Lokum Wrap


Maamoul with Date                  £10/500g